Secure in 60 Seconds

Frozen Pii is excited to announce that Neal OFarrell, one of the worlds longest-serving security and fraud experts, will be joining Frozen Pii’s mission to help people claim their identity to protect themselves from new-account fraud, social security benefits fraud, and IRS income tax credit and refund fraud. 

Over his 40-year career, Neal has worked with governments, the intelligence community, the financial community, Fortune 500 companies, thousands of small businesses, and millions of end-users and consumers. 

He started his career in security protecting European banks and governments from the first generation of cybercriminals, including winning the first-ever contract to encrypt Irelands entire national ATM network. He later became a member of the first Federal Communications Commissions Cybersecurity Roundtable, and the only security expert invited to advise the Congressionally-mandated Stock Act panel in 2013, empaneled to study the security and privacy implications of greater financial transparency by members of Congress and senior federal employees.

Neal went on to lead the Identity Theft Council, an award-winning non-profit that has assisted thousands of victims of identity theft. Through his work with the Council, Neal has helped set new standards in the way victims of identity theft are treated and supported, and in how law enforcement is trained to help identity theft victims.

Neal has worked with hundreds of police departments, Neighborhood Watch groups, and community action organizations. He also takes on complex cases referred to him by the FBI and U.S. Secret Service. The Council was honored with the Editors Choice Award from SC Magazine, one of the cyber security industrys most prestigious awards, and Neal was later presented with the Eigen Award, by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, for his work in fighting fraud.

Neal was also the Executive Producer of the documentary series In the Company of Thieves, the first documentary to go inside the world of professional identity thieves, and has been a lifelong advocate for greater security awareness by consumers and employees.

Neal will produce episodes of “Secure in 60 Seconds” and “Fraud in 5 Minutes” for Frozen Pii to help people understand cybercrime threats to their identity and money, and free, simple ways that people can protect themselves from cybercriminals.  Watch the first episode below discussing you can protect yourself from criminals who send fake text messages to steal money from bank customer accounts using Zelle, and person-to-person (P2P) payment applications used by more than 1,000 banks.

Neal also is producing episodes of “Secure in 60 Seconds” and “Fraud in 5 Minutes” for educational institutions and businesses to address cybersecurity needs specific to those organizations.  For more information, CONTACT Frozen Pii.