The Frozen Pii Story

Frozen Pii was founded by Tom O’Malley, a retired state (1980-1985) and federal prosecutor (1986-2019) who specialized in the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime, including computer hacking, identity theft and identity fraud (2009-2019).  He also is a data breach victim.

In 2015, Tom and 21.5 million other data breach victims had their classified “personally identifiable information” (pii) stolen from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.  The OPM data breach prompted him to build Frozen Pii to help his family, friends and colleagues prevent their stolen digital identities from being used by criminals to get fraudulent new-account credit cards and loans.

In 2017, Tom and 145 million other data breach victims had their personally identifiable information stolen from Equifax, one of three major nationwide credit reporting agencies.  Although the Equifax data breach spurred Congress to make “security credit freezes” free nationwide to everyone in 2018, it has not been easy for consumers to find security credit freeze information and links to effect credit freezes.  So, after Tom retired from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2019, he decided to continue his public service in the private sector by making Frozen Pii available to everyone who wants to start protecting their financial identity for free.

Today, Frozen Pii serves as a gateway to help consumers protect their financial identity by exercising their legal right to: 1) get free credit reports, 2) dispute and correct credit-report errors, 3) freeze and unfreeze credit reports and 4) claim and control their government identity with the Social Security Administration, the United States Postal Service, and the Internal Revenue Service.  Frozen Pii also provides consumers with a free 100MB secure cloud vault for safely storing and transmitting sensitive documents, and provides identity fraud victims with links to free help from the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center and the Federal Trade Commission.

To learn more about Frozen Pii’s mission, you can listen to Tom’s podcast interview with COO James Lee and CEO Eva Vasquez of the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center.  

If you’d like to help with Frozen Pii’s mission, please contact Tom for information about virtual training for government agencies, civic organizations, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, customized company training, speaking engagements, podcasts, consulting, partnerships and sponsorships.