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before or after criminals do

About Frozen Pii

Built By A Data Breach Victim, For Data Breach Victims.

Founder Tom O’Malley, a former federal cybercrime prosecutor, built Frozen Pii to help people protect their family’s valuable financial identity for FREE.

Frozen Pii’s mission is to help you and your family: (1) protect your “personally identifiable information” (“pii”) in your credit reports, (2) guard against criminals using your stolen pii for new-account credit and loan fraud, and (3) get quick free victim help when needed.

Tom serves as an advisor to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). For over 20 years, the ITRC has been helping victims recover from the aftermath of identity theft crime, at no-cost to victims or government agencies whose job includes helping crime victims.

Tom is the recipient of decodingCyber’s February 2024 One2Watch Cyber Vanguard Award. Read Tom’s interview here.

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