Claim and Control Your Identity

before or after criminals do

Claim and control your CREDIT REPORTS

Security Credit Freezes

Step 1

Get your credit reports

Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) are required by law to give you at least one free credit report every year.

Step 2

Correct your credit reports

CRAs and information providers are required by law to correct and remove false information contained in your credit report for free.

Step 3

Freeze your credit reports

CRAs are required by law to “freeze”, “thaw”, and “unfreeze your credit reports for free. Federal law prohibits CRAs from selling your “frozen credit reports” to lenders without your consent.

Claim and control your government PII

Government ID Protection

You need to claim and control your government identity to stop criminals from stealing your social security benefits and income tax refunds.

You have two options to sign up with the SSA – and

Presently is the only option for an online IRS account. The IRS announced it is working on a option.


Social Security Account

A free, secure “my Social Security” account from the Social Security Administration offers protection from criminals who want to steal your federal benefits.


IRS Tax Account

A free IRS online account helps you protect your taxpayer identity. You can access your tax records, make and view payments, and get an Identity Protection PIN to prevent income tax fraud.


USPS Mail Account

Get a free “Informed Delivery” account from the United States Postal Service to preview digital images of your mail and manage your package deliveries. 

For Identity Fraud Victims

Free Victim Help

There are two reputable organizations that offer free help to identity fraud victims: 1) the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and 2) the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a non-profit organization.  Through public and private support, the ITRC provides no-cost victim assistance and consumer education through its call center, website, social media channels, live-chat feature and ID Theft Help app.

Click on the links below to contact the FTC and ITRC for FREE HELP to recover from identity fraud and other fraudulent scams.

Identity Theft Resource Center

Speak or chat in real-time for free with an expert advisor at the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center. ITRC advisors can help you create a free resolution plan specific to your case.

Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft

File an online report with the Federal Trade Commission to create a free personal identity theft recovery plan. You can get step-by-step guidance, update your plan, track report progress, and get pre-filled forms and letters.

Federal Trade Commission Scams and Fraud

Report scams, fraud, and bad business practices to the Federal Trade Commission to discover free steps you can take to protect yourself and others from scammers and fraudsters.

Identity Theft Recovery Plan

Data Breaches What to Do

Child ID Theft What to Do

Medical ID Theft What to Do

Safeguard Personal Data

Virtual StrongBox

Frozen Pii and Virtual StrongBox (VSB) believe everyone has a right to privacy and security.  So, we partnered to give you a free patented Virtual StrongBox to help you protect your rights.

Your free 100MB Virtual StrongBox makes it safe, easy and secure for you to:


Upload/download private files between your Virtual StrongBox and all your devices


Recover private files from your Virtual StrongBox when ransomware, malware and disaster strike your devices


Safely send private files to your tax preparer, investment adviser, doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, realtor, school, bank, credit union, government agencies, work colleagues, friends and family